One of the best album’s of the month. I hadn’t come across her before this. Love the style. Reminds me of some other artists but I can’t which ones specifically.

Anyway, easily amongst my top three of the month so far.

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I’d echo this - the new release is lovely but LALD is a singular, fuzzy, beautiful gem. It’s so good that I was convinced (having only listened to her on Spotify and not knowing anything else) that she was a huge star.

Was going to wait for the vinyl but it’s going to be at least a month so gave in and listened this morning and just WOW - this album is absolutely stunning.


Yep, it’s getting better with every listen. Dare I say it, but Promise Ring is almost Pumpkin-esque in its “bombast”.


Promise Ring is fucking colossal - it just gets bigger and bigger! The fact that the other songs are quite minimalist in a lot of ways puts even more of a magnifying lens on it.

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