Miércoles! Fútbol! Campeones!


Más contento que un niño con zapatos nuevos!


Didn’t vote brexit for this to happen!


Los campesones!


ojos de brujo…


No lo veo, pero por todas las cuentas nuestro alemán favorito fue brillante anoche.


Is it literally just because of KiK that we get these weirdos?


Hoogy’s been here for ages, mate


can’t you ban them…?


I presumed they were all the same person


Haha! Wow! A genuinely interesting and funny football parody account right here on community.drownedinsound.com! What a time to be alive!


@jordan_229 Yeah, it is.

@Matt_was_taken I always have a period where I think “Well, he’s not really doing any harm”, which steadily gets eroded as he just keeps posting the same old shit forever. So yeah, I guess we could just skip to when I’m at the end of my tether.


The avatar is good though


Decent game last night though, eh?

Think Leicester are going to get absolutely pummelled tonight.


Fair play to City, fucking brilliant result and performance. You lot are going to win everything next season.


at Copenhagen? they look really shit.

Reckon Spurs might be very, very Spursy tonight


was a great gam. so many chances created. from what ive read peopleare giving barca the first 40 mins… but id say 20 of those were fairly even.


I was effing and geoffing by the half hour mark tbh. At that stage it looked like a traditional performance against the big boys: look decent for about 15 minutes, go a goal down thanks to catastrophic defending and then #headsgone. I was not expecting City to turn it on like they did in the second half.

It must be said though that Barcelona look like a solid gold roof erected on bamboo stilts right now. @nestor and others who pretend to pay attention to La Liga: has their second string defence always been that bad?


Umtiti looks really good tbh - maybe a while off being a First XI oilballer, but a good enough squad player for now. Composed enough for Barca but aggressive enough when he needs to be.

Digne is a decent signing but a notable stepdown from Alba. Fine for 80% of the games Barca play, but not there yet with the best in Europe, which I genuinely think City are close to being this season.

Sergi Roberto has been a revelation as a makeshift, turned permanent RB, but I’ve always felt he had a performance like last night’s in him. Seems absolute lunacy to me that Barca spent loads on back-up midfield and forward options, when with Alves departure there was one glaring position to be filled, at the very least to give Roberto competition. There’s talk of bringing in Srna in, in January, which would be lovely. He should’ve been playing at a top European club for the last ten years.

Think the problem is that you’ve got that youth and inexperience without the leadership of Pique, who somehow can go underappreciated. Think last night demonstrates how vital he is to Barca. Maybe their most important player to their structure, and last night would be Exhibit A.

Couple that with Busquets ahead of him showing a downturn in form for the first time in his career, and things look pretty bad for Barca right now.

[That’s the defensive part only really - not to mention Suarez going through a really bad spell, Neymar not having been a worldbeater throughout 2016. And Messi looking a little off-colour - too short term to call it form - but he’s looked human two games in a row. Iniesta badly missed too.]

Really fancy Sevilla on Sunday night with Sampaoli’s Bielsian pressing* against that Back 4. Should be a cracker. And, on the same theme, I’d really fancy Spurs to give Barca a right test over two legs. Honestly.


Yeah, I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen of Umtiti so far. Think he got picked on a bit unfairly in the reviews I’ve seen, was hung out to dry by the rest of his defence way too much.


Danny Ings :cry: