Might as well make an evening thread

Bulbs have all gone in the kitchen lights so I’m making dinner using my reading torch that goes around your neck and it is awkward. Jus Rol pizzas with chilli pesto for dinner and more Modern Family I reckon. You?!?


got some karl marx beer

it’s what he would’ve wanted
also realised the fridge is a good place to take pics, great lighting in there


Having an omelette bit disappointed in the lack of fillings. I did the shopping this week and have made an absolute shambles of it.


Had a magnificent midweek dinner of leek and potato bake, stuffing, lindaMc sausage, Mac cheese bites and broccoli.

Now sitting, read my emails and read a book.


just had to shave off my beard RIP :cold_sweat: come back soon sweet facial hair

Southern fried chicken, sweet potato fries, PB cookies, maybe watch Event Horizon

Sort-of watching the impeachment trial on c-span while I work.


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Just rewatching old bake offs and watched the episode when Liam goes home and I’m upset all over again.



Tofu Thai green curry for tea.

In the middle watching of it’s a sin which is pretty good.

Got half hour to myself now so probably go mess with my synth

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Leftover curry.

Watching Frightened Rabbit at T in the Park

Got a homemade pizza in the oven haven’t I


making pasta bake

was planning to have a go at @leafy’s baked oats as well but just realised i need the dish that the pasta is in to cook it so guess that’ll be tomorrow

what toppings please

Chorizo is the main one


Don’t even get THAT email 🤷

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Trying to muster the energy to make dinner :unamused::unamused:

Never heard it called that… etc etc

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What’s potentially on the menu WR?

All I’ve accomplished today


Can’t have any beers cause of stupid gout :frowning: