Might buy a spatula at lunchtime

Ours is missing. A frying pan went missing a few weeks back too.

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I need a new pastry brush and something else - forget what.

Sorry for your loss(es)


Will you be buying a silicone or traditional horsehair (or whatever it is).

Oh yeah - wooden spoon (curved)

Silicone I think - have a traditional badgers whiskers one but leads to strands in pastry etc

Good choice. We have this Oxo good grips one

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some great utensil chat guys. nothing much to add, just wanted to let you know I’m into it.


good luck. see you on the flip side


I see some people (not in here) are calling spatulas turners. Odd that isn’t it?


I might consider calling a fish slice a turner (I wouldn’t though). Never a spatula as it’s simply not great at turning.

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Wait I googled “spatula” and got shown a load of fish slices.

Yeah, I think I want a fish slice but I have always called it a spatula. I appreciate a spatula is also the cake bowl scraping thing.


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think fish slices have the slots and spatulas do not?

i have a novelty spatula that’s shaped like a guitar

that’s a handy little rhyme to remember it!


What is the advantage of the slot? To let grease drip? Then you might grease between frying pan/baking tray and plate. Is that wise?

Even with the slots you’re still going to get some grease transfer. Always best to rest on kitchen towel if you think this might be an issue.

Really enjoying myself in this thread balonz, thanks.

this hole tho


nobody knows…

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boiled egg extractor?

Bit specialist.