Might buy a tablet actually

Anyone got one? Do you like it? Why do I want one?


if you use remote desktop you can just leave laptop at home/work then hook up to it from wherever with a light tablet and light keyboard setup. so easy

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I have an iPad with a keyboard and it’s much more convenient than a laptop but also costs about the same


Got some 10" Samsung one for watching Netflix in bed.

It’s fine.

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Alright, Moses

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I like the thought of drawing on one


Do you ever do little penoid drawings on it?

Sorry I said penoid because that’s what you call those card games and makes me laugh

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iPad or don’t bother

I have a Samsung one. I use it for streaming music and reading comics. Complete indulgence really.

Nah, can’t draw for shit

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Give me a shout if you decide you want one

yeah i’ve been thinking about getting an ipad coz i like messing about on garageband and i miss it since my macbook died. just find it dead easy like. prob wouldn’t use it for much else except streaming stuff i suppose

Samsung all the way. Sorry Apple crew but ipads are over priced and massively overrated

as soon as i have a steady income again i’m gonna replace my (2012!) macbook with an iPad Pro and a keyboard thingy

Got an iPad and I never use it.

Expensive table mat.
Looks nice though.

Phone for casual browsing in bed/on the sofa these days, work laptop for work, desktop for gaming, smart/fire stick TVs etc for watching stuff

Personally I have no need for that size of screen without the power of a proper laptop.

iPad pro looks good though, my brother has one and uses it for photo editing and such like.


I have one and it fits a couple of needs for me. I don’t use it a lot, but these are really useful times.

On holiday. When my phone is too small to use easily, and I don’t have access to a computer. Just browsing the internet really.

When on a very long journey, I rip DVDs and watch them on the train/plane if I can’t be bothered reading.

It’s really worrying me how much I’m considering a new iPad Pro. And the Apple Pencil.

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Pretty much this. I work almost exclusively on a 12" laptop that has the whole touchscreen thing disabled. Compact enough for carrying around/working remotely etc.

Cost less than £200 and is fine for work/browsing/streaming purposes. I’m sure I could get an Android tablet for about half the price of that, but as someone mentioned upthread, no point unless you’re getting an iPad.

Not sold on tablets at all really. Just a massive phone aren’t they?