Might buy a tablet actually

Remember phablets? Phones bigger than phones, but that aren’t as big as tablets.

Nearly all phones are phablets now. I’m not sold on them.

Got this



Cheers for letting us know, mate x

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Yeah, I’ve got cheap Amazon tablets in the past and just find no use case for them.

Kids are addicted to theirs though, which is both useful and distressing.

we have an iPad something or other. it never gets used. like, when the kids have homework on Google Classroom and we need the iPad, we can never find it becuase no one uses it, and then when we do it’s fucking out of battery.

honestly, fucking useless. i have a big phone for ignoring my partner and kids, and the laptop for working. the tablet, as a use case in my house, is utterly superfluous

I have a 10 inch Fire tablet, which I paid about £90 for (it is regularly on offer), which I’m really happy with. Use it for watching YouTube, browsing the web, dodgy football streams, and Kindle. A 10 inch screen is just a much more pleasant experience than doing these things on my phone.

Does it have a USB-C port? I’ve never really understood the point of tablets for the same reasons @escutcheon has made, but I have now found a use case which is putting one on my digital piano music stand and connecting it to the midi out to use with piano tutorial apps / interactive sheet music etc.

I did try putting a flat screen monitor there and hooked it up to a laptop, but it was all a bit of a ballache and after getting it working I never really used it.

It does indeed

That’s a good idea, I’ve currently got my midi keyboard plugged into my desktop PC so it’d be nice to have more freedom with that

I mainly chose this tablet because it has a stylus but is somewhat affordable

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Any plans to watch pornography on it?


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Haha, fucking nice one, mate!

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If you’re planning on using it for tributing please get a screen protector