Might buy an e-reader

What would you recommend? I’m thinking mostly for when I’m traveling etc., if that makes any difference. I haven’t tried any at all so I’m very open to suggestions.

There’s a thread about this from 3 years ago which I’m including below, but because a lot might have happened in the field since then I thought it best to start a new one.

I can confirm that I did end up buying a Kindle Paperwhite, I do appreciate the backlight. Does everything I need an e-reader to do, easy to get books from Amazon and other sources. Can’t fault it really (I guess if I’m being picky it’s a bit arsey about which USB cables it works with).

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I’m thinking about replacing my 10 year old Kindle with a Kobo for two reasons:

  1. I think a backlight could be handy if I manage to read anything with a baby attached to me
  2. You can read ebooks from public libraries in the UK (well, you can from the City of London Libraries) on a Kobo, but not Kindle
  3. Amazon are evil, obvs

My partner got me a Tenth generation Kindle Paperwhite.

As i had all my books backed up, that and PDFs for work, when the Kindle Keyboard I had from 2010 died it was the obvious replacement.

I like it.

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I’ve got a very old non-backlit Kindle which I use all the time and love it (especially since finding a site to acquire all of the analogue books I own already to copy across). Not sure how much the backlight affects the battery life but mine lasts for a couple of weeks before needing charging which is so useful for longer trips, especially cycle touring

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Yeah another vote for Kindle Paperwhite here. Was always anti e-readers but got one for my Birthday and its really good.

Also recommend Push to Kindle - FiveFilters.org which converts online pages and sends them to your Kindle. Found it really useful for long read stuff, much more enjoyable reading on the Kindle than on the computer.

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I had a Kindle and I smashed it somehow.

Then I went Kobo for moral reasons.

Then I lost the Kobo and they had no way to lock my account so I was really not happy at the notion of whoever found it being able to just read whatever I bought on the account thereafter. Their only solution was for me to open a new account with a different email address and move all the books over.

For this reason I went back to evil.

So I guess I’d say a Kindle, WR.

Although personally I don’t find reading on my phone screen with the right settings (big font, low brightness, white text on black) to be a problem.

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Also based on my experience of everyone I know who owns an e-reader literally never using them, have you considered asking around if you could borrow one for a bit and see how you get on with it?

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Have had a Kobo for about five years now and still love it. Sometimes buy books from their platform but mostly access books from my library and, as ever, the brilliant ones for free from Standard Ebooks. No hesitation in recommending them at all.

Actually I own two. I bought a (very old but brand new) Kobo Mini off eBay for £15 earlier this year as a trashy take-it-out-and-about-to-read-things-while-I’m-bored device. It’s also very good.


(Seriously, fuck Project Gutenberg and their badly formatted, awkwardly transcripted ebooks. Everyone, use Standard Ebooks: https://standardebooks.org/ )


the backlight has made no discernable difference to my kindle battery. in fact, the new kindle has been charged three times since i bought it, while wifi is on, and the old kindle would drain very quickly if wifi was left on at any point.

Oh interesting… Yeah if I forget to turn aeroplane mode back on after syncing it drains noticeably quicker

yeah, my new kindle is basically always in wifi mode, and never needs charging.

one thing i do not like is the lack of buttons to turn the pages. as someone who lies in their side when reading in bed, not being able to click with the hand i’m holding it with is pretty annoying, especially when over years reading the kindle keyboard has trained me to be able to this without a problem.

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The old non touch screen also meant I could hold it on the screen without problems. I definitely preferred the buttons

I have a pop socket on the back of mine, makes it easy to hold and turn the page one handed

Anyone got any experience with these types?


Only when you hold it in your right hand though, right?

Thought this was a walking gag for a minute but realise that yes, it is harder to press the right side of the screen with your left hand.

Never really noticed it as a big problem though, I use it in a mix with regular books and it’s fine.

That looks cool but if I click where to buy I can’t seem to find anywhere

looks like it’s not available in the UK :weary: