Might buy an onion

no, fruits and veg I don’t know about are intimidating

Have you ever eaten a plantain?

I think at junior school once but I don’t remember it well

They’re good cos you can just boil them or fry them and eat it on its own

If you’re into that kind of thing

they’re like big bananas right?

I have a weird thing with bananas, I eat them every day for breakfast but I don’t especially like them and if I eat them too fast I feel sick. The only food that does this to me. I have to take like 2 hours to eat a banana

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Lol “I’d like to start cooking for myself but I’m not even sure of the very basics”
DiS: “Let’s start you off with butternut squash and plantain, as basic as it gets”


I think I’d like to try both but I get the feeling they’re pretty big so if I’m cooking for 1 or 2 people I’d have to throw a lot away probably

Well yeah if you’re worried about wasting some of an onion then these will be too much.

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Reckon learning how to make a good stir fry would be the best right? Easy and quick to cook, not much ingredients or washing up


sorry if I’ve strayed too far from the path of onion here btw

Don’t really get what’s not basic about plantain, it’s a staple across most of the world, easy to cook and you don’t need to combine it with other ingredients to enjoy it

Yeah and you can get little individual packs of noodles and vegetables to put in them.

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ok then sorry for not being as sophisticated and worldly as you I just thought they were very DiS things to suggest.

if you really want to eat an onion you could do worse than just banging it in the oven until it goes soft. Don’t even need to peel it if you cba

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No need to get snipey folks, everyone has a different background with food, just looking to learn a little :peace_symbol: :dove:

are they good to just eat like that? Like a baked potato or something?

My stir fry tip is fry the protein (meat or tofu) first then put aside and fry the veg, adding the protein at the end. If you fry everything together the protein won’t be as crispy because of the water in the veg.


yeah they go sweet, like a less oily version of fried onions

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woah that sounds good