Might get back into the dating game


nearly three years into a self-imposed exile, but I’m ready to get busy again, as it were.


pubs? online? other methods?



May I humbly suggest the note technique?


Selfishly hoping for some superb anecdotes from your impending dates. All the best mate.


well that’s a given, bud!


apply for first dates


there will be thrills and spills, that’s for sure!


Think that’s literally the only way left to start a relationship these days isn’t it?


That, and Naked Attration


don’t forget Undressed


Dinner Date still airs on itvBe


or dating in the dark


Hope your licking out hasn’t got rusty!


apply for all of them please eleven


he’s got no excuse to not apply for any of these shows.

i reckon he’d prosper on married at first sight




Language exchanges
Meet someone at a party and add them on Facebook
Start a course in something

Idk just anything that involves meeting people. Then use your judgement to determine if they fancy you back.


look guys, I’m obviously not going on the telly. some proper tips please


This has context you fucking no(o)b!


this is all stellar advice. cheers

not on facebook though!


He’ll be fine, you never really forget, do you? Get in there, snuffle about like an old person blowing their nose with an oversized hankie, job done.