Might get back into the dating game


Genuinely don’t know, best of luck though.


Apply for the Guardian Blind Date, Silks.


online has worked pretty well for me tbh. Takes some getting used to though.


Make a CV of your best romantic moments and hand them out in your nearest town centre.


Hang in your local shopping precinct with your nob out and a board with “AVAILABLE” written on it. Modern women have to check out the goods first and appreciate a lack of bullshit.


would love to but my body sucks


Didn’t even get a reply from my email to them. Maybe I should apply again, jazz it up a bit.


what are the good sites for dating, guys? ideally don’t want to pay much…if anything?

not looking for a straight fuck either. something more wholesome and pure




like all the cool kids (dont make me google it)




Don’t do it! Reconsider! Read some liter…ture on the subject


I met my wife on OKCupid but that was five years ago, probably changed now.

Think da cool kids are still using Tinder. Did Bumble ever get big?


Yeh bit like riding the actual bike.





Just remember that you now think you don’t want to be single. It probably actually isn’t true. You’ll meet someone then instantly mourn the loss of your free time and end up having to go to loads of boring family related shit.

To sum up: Stay single.


Watching the Hollyoaks omnibus and wanking into a sock isn’t necessarily a good use of your free time.


Served me well.


Yeah, me too actually.


Is this like @profk 's thread about university music?