Might get the train home at lunchtime to pick up my phone charger

If all the trains run on time I’ll have a 9-minute turnaround to get off the train, get to the flat, pick up the charger and get back to the station to get the train back.

It’ll be like the Bourne Identity or something.


Piece of piss for a man of your talents. Live blog it all back here


Don’t bother, its not worth it… much like many of the Bourne films.

Can’t you borrow one from someone else, or does no-one like you?

You’ll be able to do that with relative ease as you are a talented and competent person.

It’s one of those newer USB ones that seem to be the rarest of all chargers that people have lying around.

You have too many doors to get through

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I appreciate the confidence that you and @Lo-Pan have expressed

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I do have a lot of doors, but as long as I’m ready with the keys I should be able to manage. Might have to exit through the back garden gate on the way back to save time (but to be honest I’m not sure that will save much time - it shortens the distance to the station slightly, but that gate has a stiff lock which could be an obstacle).

livestream it

Would be incredible if his phone ran out of charge at a dramatic moment.

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Will you have to roll under any doors on your dash?

I’d love to roll under a door.

Then you’d see how untidy my bedroom is (and also be able to find out my exact address, which I cannot allow)

No rolling under doors, but potentially jumping through closing doors.

Ok :frowning:

That’s still kind of exciting though.

Surely there’d be a phone shop or pound shop nearer than a return journey home?

Unless there’s a potentially urgent situation i’d not bother, i reckon.

I could get a cheap one, but payday is on Friday and I’d rather not spend unnecessarily before then, and the train back to mine should only take 6 or 7 minutes so it’s not that inconvenient. The main issue is just the gap between the trains. If the first one is even a minute or two late I might not make it.

Jump through you blouse. You think Jason Bourne would let that stop him?

I’m on tender hooks here

I’m on train 1. If all goes to plan, my window between trains is 1:11 to 1:20.