Might give this a go

Good news Tone - Everyone on Dis remembers this except me

It’s a tiny cake with tiny Rolos and you’re a tiny person

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We had a nice time I think

No need for personal jibes mate.

I apologise to any Rolos i may have offended



Pretty shite yeah?

wow, that croissant must be the size of an albatross if those rolos are anything to go by

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Thought it was decent tbh

Just a chocolate muffin with some shit on top.

Does the muffin have caramel inside like a Rolo, or is it just a solid cake?

It has a caramel inside but not much

Rolo yoghurts are the worlds best dessert

I don’t want desserts that are too elaborate.

If i don’t have to change my tshirt after eating a dessert it’s a disappointment, that’s my line in the sand and i will not cross it.


If I’m sitting comfortably I don’t want to stand up to walk into a fucking Costa.

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