Might have a legitimate use for the Emirates Airline this weekend



You can use your Oyster on it right?


Yes. It’s cheaper to use Oyster.

I’m intrigued by this “legitimate use” though. Other than having guests visiting London and going as a tourist I can’t think why any self respecting Londoner would ever need it.


Need to get to the ExCel Centre mate, this legit seems to be the quickest option for me…


If you buy a dog you probably can’t take it back on it


Unless there are engineering works on the DLR, I don’t think there is a single route that is quicker if you use the dangleway.


Nah, not buying a dog there mate. Will be travelling from the ExCel to West India Quay anyway which will be a very routine journey.


Jubilee Line + DLR is both quicker and cheaper unless you’re already on that side of the O2 when you start (assuming no engineering works).

takes off Marckee hat


Safe, will bin it the fuck off in that case.


Think you can get booze on it now.

This probably won’t sell you on it.


It literally is entirely pointless then isn’t it if it’s not even the quickest way of getting between the two points of interest that it serves. Fucking hell.


Good one Boris


It’s like 13 quid each way isn’t it?