Might start double-clicking again

I don’t mean to open applications as I’ve never stopped doing that. I mean to navigate the web via hyperlinks etc

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I’ve never stopped

and I never will

What have you stopped?

when did it stop being necessary? i feel like i’ve been single clicking my whole life

I think it must have been at some point during the 90s/00s


My work portal has disabled the mouse wheel click opening a new webpage. Weird. Don’t realise how much you use it until it’s gone

I’ve never used that in my life

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maybe in the future we won’t have to click it all. or maybe it’ll go back to double or triple clicks

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We’re at a real tipping point

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Just look at the link and wink. They won’t even be called links. They’ll be called winks


You should it is good

When I navigate the web via hyperlinks etc I always right click and then click ‘Open Link’ from the drop-down box.


I just tried to and it didn’t work. Must be a PC thing.

Have you ever actually played with actual fire?

Fire is terrible at hide & seek


I used to play Angry Birds on my Kindle Fire HD, but then it stopped working so now I don’t any more.

Ant please tag this thread with Silly

done and done


Why is “playing with fire” an analogy and not an idiom?

There’s only one hypothetical concept around here mate and it ain’t me…

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