Might start double-clicking again


I don’t mean to open applications as I’ve never stopped doing that. I mean to navigate the web via hyperlinks etc

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I’ve never stopped

and I never will


What have you stopped?


when did it stop being necessary? i feel like i’ve been single clicking my whole life


I think it must have been at some point during the 90s/00s


My work portal has disabled the mouse wheel click opening a new webpage. Weird. Don’t realise how much you use it until it’s gone


I’ve never used that in my life

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maybe in the future we won’t have to click it all. or maybe it’ll go back to double or triple clicks

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We’re at a real tipping point

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Just look at the link and wink. They won’t even be called links. They’ll be called winks


You should it is good


When I navigate the web via hyperlinks etc I always right click and then click ‘Open Link’ from the drop-down box.


ant don’t do it come on now


I just tried to and it didn’t work. Must be a PC thing.


this is playing with fire


Have you ever actually played with actual fire?


no because it sounds v dangerous and so you see the analogy is a good one

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Fire is terrible at hide & seek


I used to play Angry Birds on my Kindle Fire HD, but then it stopped working so now I don’t any more.


Ant please tag this thread with Silly