Might start double-clicking again

Normally click the mousewheel when browsing to open in a new tab. Smell ya later!

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Ctrl+click for me, Clive.

Argh, people double clicking when it’s not necessary makes me wince

I think it’s indicative of a person taking the time to slow down and enjoy life.

With Internet Explorer 4, when Microsoft tried to make the IE browser almost completely overlap with the Windows OS, and there was an option to make Windows Explorer behave like IE, with single clicks to open files, etc. Was quite into that for a bit. ‘Active Desktop’, they called it. The downside was that it included an attempt to add loads of shit internet-connected auto-update push-notification widgets onto your desktop.

Not interesting. Not funny. Possibly even factually all over the place. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, yo. The only way is up from here.

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