Might start getting into cryptic crosswords

Anyone into 'em?
Any good online stores? Best papers for them?

Also put hard bastard clues in here to crowd source a solution

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I don’t get it

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I thought they were for bellends… Oh. Enjoy!

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Raised confection





the guardian one is too weird, the times too hard.

annoyingly the telegraph has the best one (or did when I attempted them more regularly)


My main lockdown achievement has been figuring out how to do them.

My main tip would be to stick with one paper/writer - I do the observer’s Everyman crossword on a Sunday. That way you get used to the particular types of clue they like to use.

Then there’s a bunch of common clue types - anagram, homonym, words within words, common abbreviations - and you learn to look out for the signifier words that tell you what type of clue it is.

Final and most useful tip - a cryptic crossword clue always has a ‘cryptic’ part and a literal clue. The literal clue will always be the very first or very last part of the clue.

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The Metro one can be quite decent for beginners, never too hard. Used to pass it round between 3 of us in the office daily and could usually finish it quickly.

The Guardian one can be good, really depends on the setter. Rufus (RIP) was a good one, his crosswords and a large archive of many setters available at the Guardian site:

Depowering sex, friend?

One of The Doors besieging lead singer to get a life? (5)

I hate this one.


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Tory Sudoku.