Might start wearing a scarf?

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  • Tory Option

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What’s the tory option? A cravat?


Scarves are weird IMO. The neck is one of the least important parts of the body to either need to be warm or decorated IMO.



You can pull it up over the bottom half of your face though. That’s dead nice.

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Half and half scarves are fine as a souvenir when attending a game ostensibly as a neutral.

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You tuck it down the front of your coat and it helps keep you warm in general.


I think the bottom half of the face is ok to be exposed as well

My neck often gets cold. I wear a neck buff when I run and when I play 5-a-side football in winter (I also wear it during the warm up at 11-a-side football). What a world of variety we live in

Did you own a snood (pre-ban of course)

I’ve gone full lenny kravitz* this year, would recommend

*scarf, not penis pants


No, I find a snood a bit too weighty. The neck buff is nice and light

I dunno, yer neck is kinda unprotected against the elements innit.

I might go from;
Smart Coat, Scarf, Umbrella

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Also can take it off and wrap it round your wrist if you get too warm

“Oh no, my neck is getting wet!”

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My face and neck get too warm when wearing a scarf. Found i need a bit of room for my neck and face to breathe.

I like scarfs and because the collar of my coat isn’t very high I really notice if it’s cold and I’m not wearing one. So I find they help keep me warm.

think if you start wearing a scarf then youll never be able to stop


I don’t think I have a collar on a coat

But does it do up over your neck area?