new album ‘War & Leisure’ came out friday and it sounds pretty great actually.
not sure if this will gain any traction among all the threads with numbers in the title but we all love Miguel don’t we


Feel like I’m behind in the world of Miguel.

Listened to Kaleidoscope Dream loads, really liked it, but never got round to checking out Wildheart for some reason.

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wasn’t hugely hyped for this album cos the lead tracks sounded a bit lacklustre but he’s not really put a foot wrong in his career so far imo, first 3 records are all great.
Would definitely recommend Wildheart, think it’s my favourite of his


I love him.

Coffee’s maybe my favourite single of the last few years. Just so moody, sexy and fun.

Wildheart’s out of this world - look forward to getting some time with this.


good this

Told You So is a bit of a banger, eh

enjoying this

also Waves is probs a top 5 pop song of the decade imo

yah this is good so far, just getting acquainted. Wildheart didnt steal my heart like Kaleidoscope Dream did, or even his debut for that matter. I did love a handful of tracks on it tho.

Told You So sounds like MGMT’s Electric Feel

miguel is good

Finding this highly enjoyable. Wildheart left me pretty flat after months of obsessive listening to Kaleidoscope Dream (kinda lacked lacked the sultry sexiness and where were the bangers?) so nice to have Miguel back on form again.

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