Mika Vainio


doesn’t say what happened. only 54 :disappointed:


53, even.


deeply regret never getting to see him live.


Ah that’s sad. This guy only came on my radar last year as I listened to the Mannerlaatta soundtrack quite a lot. Was one of my favourite soundtracks of last year.


thought maybe more DiSers would be fans of some of his work, but idk. maybe I should post a bunch of stuff, do a primer.


Listened to some pan sonic yday in honour. Talented guy.


Very sad news. So young as well, only a couple of years older than me :frowning:

Never got to see Pan Sonic live, been waiting and hoping for some sort of reunion show, but that is over now.



I wasn’t expecting this from The Guardian but this is quite a good short summary of his life/work/influences.