Miki Berenyi (ex Lush) new material

Looking forward to hearing this. No idea of style or anything at the moment.


Bit more detail on the make up of the band - very similar to the final live incarnation of Lush…

I get the feeling her and Emma don’t speak, don’t think I’ve ever seen one twitter interaction between them. Will be weird to here music without Emma having been a part of it. But exciting none the less.

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I think they both live in Hastings so maybe they meet up irl rather than tweet each other.

Hung out with them a bit a few years back, lovely people.

Lets hope so, a massive assumption for me to make based on Twitter !

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Did anyone go to the first Piroshka gig last night ? interested to know if they played any Lush. There are a couple of photos on intstagram, looks like Emma is in one of them ?!

Love the single…

New track i heard was surprisingly good

Yeah Its great ! But then I doubt Bella Union would release any old shit.

Howling Bells?

great band !

Didn’t know that. Hastings seems to attract a lot of ex-musicians (and musicians I guess)

Oh eight hundred, double one…ten sixty-six.

The best tune from Hastings.

I missed the chance of getting a ticket for their Lexington gig but have one for their gig at Oslo in Hackney next year.