I am going to have a very limited amount of time in Milan next month, likely no more than a day. Anything you have to see? I’ve heard its quite boring.

Fancy shops and a big cathedral

Yeah i didn’t like milan at all tbh, just go and have a nice meal or something and manage your expectations. Or if you’ve enough time get a train/bus to the old town of Bergamo instead (citta alta, think its about 45 mins)

Isnt there that Wes Anderson bar there now though? That looked quite cool actually

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We went 13 years ago it was fine the castle and the duomo were alright. San Siro is an absolute mission from the centre and the Metro stop.The biggest thing to suggest is that all the bars are behind the Armani hotel (might be wrong about this I just remember there were loads of them in a really specific place also remember passing a museum on the way to it) and didn’t find this out until the last night we were there.

Oh and we also went to Como for the day by train that was nice just don’t forget to validate your ticket.

the canal area (Navigli) is nice for drinks and food. Otherwise it’s a fairly big and busy city so other than the Duomo I wouldn’t say there are places that are ‘must see’

My last trip abroad was a work thing to Milan in September 2019, bloody loved it.

Il Duomo is the big must do, I reckon. The rooftop tour is the one, as long as it’s a nice day, incredible.

Went to a banging gallery, think it was the Pinacoteca di Brera. Wanted to go and see The Last Supper but ran out of time.


Depending on the time you’ve got, try to get out to the lakes. Unless you’re obsessed with fashion and brands, which I’m not, a very boring city.

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there is, a good friend of mine was in milan a few weeks ago and she sent me a pic when she was inside that bar.

I’m in milan for 4 days in june for work. Have only ever been to the outskirts of milan before and just for a day. Was essentially the east kilbride of milan.

Gets a bit of bad rep because it’s a bit dour but reckon it’s perfectly nice for some general Italian food/bars/bit of art&architecture. Quite enjoyed walking round some of the more neighborhood type areas when I went just taking in the general Italianess.

Their local pizza variant looks buff

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The cathedral, especially the view from the roof. The fancy Galeria Vittorio Emanuel II, which is right next to it.

Get yourself a Coteletta all Milanese for lunch. That’s pretty much a day sorted.

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BTW, if you want to gaze upon the splendour of The Last Supper, book well in advance.

I would love to have seen it when we were there a few years ago, but I was completely defeated by the booking process.

There are three buildings you have to see in milian. Il Duomo, the Arcade, and most of all… the train station! Honestly most beautiful train station in Europe. Every time I go I spot more beautiful details. The city is generally seen as a bit boring but I think in part it just doesn’t live up to its train station.

If you are going to Milan via Bergamo I would spend some time there. Its a genuine charming small city.

I advise Ossobucco and risotto. Its genuinely a wonderful dish and Lombardia is the place for risotto.

Good mate did his masters in Milan and I visited a couple times. Have a stroll down the Corso di Porta Ticinese. Lots of decent shops and places to grab a bite/drink. We hung out at piazza near the arch quite bit.