Does mileage expense mean fuel only or does it incorporate any other effects on the car that comes with mileage?

Someone at work wants to claim mileage for cycling???



Technically fuel and wear and tear. But they are trying it on.

Mileage rate is usually set at higher than the cost of petrol (40p/mile used to be the typical rate), and so covers wear and tear on the vehicle too, plus some more. It used to be possible to make a car pay for itself over three years if you drove if for work a lot, and claimed back every mile.

Many companies and employees now acknowledge that doing this encourages people to drive, so also offer the same benefit to cyclists.

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Excellent! Depends on your policy probably. I get a separate annual payment for car maintenance so your cyclist would be bang out of luck here.

I get 9p a mile in my company car

if youre gonna pay out for communting motorists, you could probs make a reasonable claim for expenses relating to bike maintenance - new tyres, brake pads blah blah, but it wouldn’t be very much money.

Are they going to different offices or just commuting to work? Most places don’t let you claim for travel to your normal place of work

Do you pay for insurance, tax and servicing though?

duh obviously

Course not

It’s not usually commuting to and from work that that is claimable, but the miles you have to do while at work.

Can i have more detail about these work journeys please

lol who’s going out for a meeting with a client on a bike?

Loads of people who live in cities?

it’s in one of our international offices he’s travelling to, from his hotel to the office, people would usually rent cars or get cabs on expense

rent a car for the week

if you cycle a lot you will eat more food

who pays for that??

wow I was about to take the pee out of him with a load of other people

There you go then. The 40p-type rate for for people who used their own cars.