How many miles has your current car done? I got a little buzz yesterday watching my odometer click over 60,000.

I wonder what the highest mileage achieved by a car is? Seen a few taxis with over 300,000 on the clock.

What’s the longest drive you’ve done? I’ve driven to the French alps and the south of France before. Each leg was probably 500-600 miles.

I swear my goalie from my old sunday league team was a drug runner, he seemed to spend a lot of time driving from the UK out to eastern europe, used to sleep in the car and everything.

Good question. I’m going to be breaking the 100K mark this week. And I think the longest was from Cornwall to Cambridgeshire - nowhere near as long as yours but a good 300 miles I think.

Don’t have a car mate

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About 6,000 or so.

Haven’t done any particularly long drives. Cambridge to Birmingham is probably the longest, and that’s nothing.

Not on Carbook.

I’ve cycled nearly 9000km this year though.


about 110,000 i think, which is nothing for the make/model. seen vans of the same age and model that are over 400K and still goin strong.

longest drive is about 450 miles

That’s bloody impressive.


Mileage, mate, not salary.

116k I think. Longest we’ve done in it is Sheffield-Colchester

As if i’d get out of bed for that :smiley:


Mine is on around 260k miles. Still goes like the day it was born.

that’s no way to talk about Mrs E

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(I’m on my third cassette and chain, and had to replace one of the chainrings.)

Enough of the medical mumbo-jumbo, please.


Isn’t it. My goal for the year was 5000. If I’d have started properly commuting every day in January I’d have hit 10k easily. NEXT YEAR!

I got to 200k on my little black Clio. Was definitely not roadworthy by the end, when I braked the hazard lights would come on. Currently on 30,000 on the Mazda, still running like a dream.

About 70k I think. We’ve put 50k on it in less than 2 years. 50ish miles a day commute though. Also do Kendal to Tunbridge Wells and Kendal to Elgin not infrequently. 300+ miles each each way.