Miles Seaton of Akron/Family RIP

Sad. This is a massive tune:


Oh that’s very sad, I was really into Love Is Simple back in the day. RIP

Awful news. Absolutely loved Set Em Wild, Set Em Free. Such a good band, 41 is absolutely no age too.

That’s terrible news.

Briefly spoke to him at one of the ATPs after he accidentally jumped on my foot during a pretty hectic Boredoms performance. For the remainder of the festival he would come up to me every time he saw me to apologise and check that I was OK. Lovely guy.


Fuck this news. :frowning_face: I used to rinse their debut album when I was stuck on train journeys up and down the west coast of Scotland about a decade back. Love Is Simple obviously excellent too. Gutted to hear this.

Shit news. They were one of the first bands I got into through these boards. Still get chills when I listen to this

Ah, gutted by this. Saw them in Leeds in 2007, and remember them forgoing a soundcheck so they could dance to Prince’s “1999” with random audience members. A sometimes frustrating but always fascinating live band- when they were on top-form, they were sublime.

Aw, met them at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen around 2006 and haven’t really thought of them since. Really nice guys.

Sad when something like this makes you listen to a band for the first time and you realise they are really great. This is amazing: