Milk 🍼

  • skimmed
  • semi skimmed
  • full fat
  • soy
  • almond
  • other (specify)

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Full fat for drinking. Semi-skimmed for everything else.


had a pint of full fat earlier (needed to re-energise after volleyball)


milk is an excellent post-exercise drink apparently.


soy for coffee (although i never buy even though it’s about 20p, just use almond for more)
almond for tea and cereal/porridge
coconut for cooking (have the coconut equivalent of the dried milk powder all nannas love)


votes are public!!! fff


none of it for me, thanks


Switched to a vegan diet in February and almond milk was one of the easiest switches! Vegan cheese was the hardest :sob:


Oat (it’s nice) but also sometimes soy if there’s no oat #problems


The purple/orange (depending on your supermarket of choice).

Semi-skimmed but only 1% fat or sutin


i usually just avoid it altogether (too expensive, most of them are 90% oil anyway). tesco’s smoked soya own brand one is alright (i use it on homemade pizzas)


yeah the non dairy alternatives are all pretty good, i should buy them more


i like oat in milkshakes and smoothies



Vegan cheese seems specifically designed to put people off veganism forever, none of it is worth a damn


Oh that sounds nice! I used violife grated on pizza a few times and it’s like cheese strings which is ok, but let’s just say my pizza consumption had gone down like 90% since :dizzy_face:


anyone got any tips re: curdling


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scotland I fucking ask you


it’s supposed to rehydrate you better than water aswell