Milk From a Mug - A poll thread about stuff that shouldn't be in things


Thank you, that’s very reassuring. It was a Street Sharks mug, probably just wanted to use it as much as possible.

Do you remember Sharky and George: Crime Busters of the Sea?

where else would milk be?

A glass (or the fridge)

I’ve just had to Google it. I think I vaguely remember it.

This is so fucking funny to me.

A community of people spending their time confirming that yes, milk should be in a fridge via a poll selection.

What a ludicrous species we are.


Angus Deayton in the host’s seat for Have I Got News For You

  • This stuff can be in the thing
  • This stuff shouldn’t be in the thing

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Full size spoon in a yoghurt?

  • Fine
  • The very thought makes me feel queasy m9

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I can’t not click a poll if I have an answer. If I ever commit a crime this is how they’ll get me - new user DetectiveInspectorFoster will log in and start a poll on, “Where were you on December 14th 2018?” and I’ll click the “murdering the fuck out of somebody” option and that’ll be that. My only hope is if I click on, “Tory option” for the bants.

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Food in the bedroom (for eating purposes)

  • No - bedrooms are for sleeping & sexing in
  • Yes - gobble away

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This is because you are a premium member of the community and you behave with honour and dignity at all times.


drinking water in a mug

  • Yes
  • No

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Only really acceptable if you just need a bit to knock back some asprin or something.

Fighting not to just turn whole sections of Green Eggs and Ham into polls right now, TBH.

You can do whatever you want mate

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i don’t really mind where the milk goes

Filth thread was yesterday mate.

thanks theo I’ll take a look


Reality TV shows in the HGWIR threads

  • Should be in the thing
  • Should not be in the thing

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