Milk thread.

Really wish I had a massive bucket of nesquik. Or maybe Crusha would be easier to pour in?

River Du Lait


Why can’t I come up with shit like that?!

At least the River won’t get white bits in its fingernails now

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milk bread

  • I regularly have a glass of milk as a refreshing drink
  • I do not

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Are all polls anonymised now

  • Yes
  • No

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Oh here’s Epimer and his magic poll

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Why does drinking milk after mint cause such extreme sharp pain in the mouth? Neve had it happen with any other drink.

Any scientists here?

I love milk

We’ve never needed scientists here before, why start now?

Fake milk though, not real milk

I want a quanitity, damn it.

No use crying over spilt milk


about to drink a glass of milk
might liveblog it in here

I’m pouring the milk

here’s the milk

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