Noticed loads of houses down here had milk bottles out and got woken up a couple of times at 4am by the milkman. Bit weird in 2018, I thought.

Turns out the dairy is just up the road and they came round and gave us free milk for a week.

Gonna keep it going I think. It’s relatively pricey (70p a pint, rather than a quid for 4 pints in a supermarket), but a couple of quid is neither here nor there especially if it’s going straight back to the dairy. Quite nice having milk from the cows I drive past every day delivered in glass bottles (FO, plastic) too.

Anyone else got a milkman? Any other dairy related chat?


thought this was gonna be about the book
not read it


Yes I have a milkman, Mondays and Thursdays, 4 bottles of organic whole milk per week for Jnr

Lots of my neighbours also have the same milkman. Really find it bonkers how plastic milk from a shop became easier than having bottled milk delivered to your door.

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When you think about it 70p for a pint of milk isn’t actually pricey at all. Better for the farmers and the environment that you cut out the supermarkets :+1::+1:.


had one for a bit last year but it was mad expensive, you could get goose eggs tho.

think you could also get guaranteed double yolkers but that defeats the magic of double yolkers imo

Dairy is my enemy

They deliver non-dairy milks too

Well, that’s it really.

Similar to @Scout there, I was having a bit of a wonder about how it can possibly be cheaper in a supermarket without someone getting seriously done when you consider all the extra logistics involved, vs it being delivered from the farm a mile away.

The farmers are getting seriously done

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Haven’t had milk deliveries since I was a kid.

I’ve just looked up Brighton Milkmen, and there’s a company called Brightonmilk, but they don’t deliver to where I live, despite the fact I’m really central.


Like, Yorkies?

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You can also get chocolate, yes.

Bulk buying power / farmers getting done

anyone remember salad fingers

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do they drive a float or a normal van


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And chocolate milk from the brown cows.