Had a milkman back when we were in Worcestershire and now have one in Norfolk. Bottles all get washed by the dairy and reused. Don’t run out of milk and they deliver juice too. Only get a bit peeved with the constant marketing to expand their service into other groceries. I hope the milkman and dairies see more of the money this way at least.

is pig milk a thing? how come you get it from cows and goats but not pigs? do they just not produce much of it?


Sheep’s milk is also a thing. What’s wrong with pig’s milk?


Although pigs’ milk is high in fat (around 8.5% compared to cows milk at 3.9%) and is an excellent source of nutrients, sows are very difficult to milk.

Camel milk is getting big now. They even have it in asda. It’s really thick and some Kardashian or someone loves it.

Sounds awful.

obviously hippos m8


Got a lift off a lovely milkman one time to the nearest phonebox when I was stranded in the middle of fucking nowhere one time. They’re a gbol in my book.

Our milkman growing up was a bit weird and used to have so many crows that sat on his roof. Like an unusual amount of crows on one house.


They like the milk bottle tops.

(I am assuming crows have shared interests with magpies here)

maybe he made a typo when he was ordering some new animals


Those women were in the nip!


Our childhood milkman used to sell pirated video games. I bought Medal of Honour off him.


Nearly spat tea all over my new sofa

We have a milkman and daily pint of milk delivered. The dairy is based in the local industrial estate, so not quite as idyllic as you might imagine.

Something nice about still getting milk in this way regardless - even if the bill when it comes every six weeks or so is a little eye watering.

^this switched to non-lactose a few months ago, and it’s done wonders for me.

Congratulations! You now also have the moral high ground over those weirdos who are guzzling down stuff that’s meant for baby cows.

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think there is still a cow involved in @wewerewerewolvesonce 's milk

Alright don’t milk it

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Quite nice having milk from the almonds I drive past every day