People who have a milkshake with a savoury meal should be in prison.


There was that craze in maybe the early 2000s with places like Shakeaway, I think Oxford had a few of them. Are they even still going?

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Yes there is one in Brighton and dirty milkshakes are everywhere now

Very much a mainstay

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They’re nothing that will change anyone’s life but perfectly nice flavour with nice fresh milk.

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i was trying to remember the name of those Shaken Udder ones, they’re great

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Shakeaway blew my mind when i first had one on a visit to England (Kingston upon Thames i believe). there are quite a lot of similar milkshake shops around now so the novelty has worn off but a Shakeaway opened in Belfast a year or two ago. been meaning to pay a visit out of loyalty

yes imo

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  • Nesquik
  • Crusha (amazing but your mum never allowed you to get it)

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When I locked myself out my student house all night, i thought I was being smart buying a chocolate Frijj to get my energy up. But it was just too much for the situation. I regret it to this day

Milkshakes are fookin grand though generally

Getting a blender so I could make Malteaser milkshakes really improved my quality of life in lockdown.


Had a phase where I was addicted to the alpro soy milkshakes (strawberry and chocolate), used to have a yazoo phase too (but only :strawberry::chocolate_bar: never :banana:)

Crusha was a syrup you added to milk wasn’t it or am I thinking of something else?

I never get chocolate always thought it was the worst flavouring :hushed:

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Yeah that stuff was immense. Used to sometimes get a sachet free with the Beano.

Top tip - mix banana and chocolate milk powder together :chocolate_bar::banana::milk_glass::yum:


Just got bottles of that Shaken Udder - strawberry and clotted cream and vanilla. Both significantly worse than Asda’s own strawberry and vanilla. :fu:t2:

cow pole dancing GIF

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Think gifs being added to DiS are the best thing to happen in the last two years.

Ur an evil genius