Milky Milky

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When I was much younger I went on a #LadsHoliday to Kos and one of my mates who was dead pale got really pissed and stripped down to his pants and couldn’t find his way back to the hotel and some bloke yelled “MILKY, MILKY, PUT SOME TROUSERS ON!” and it made me laugh to remember this.

Thanks Jords.

In a moment of University madness I had a four pinter of milk containing maybe three and a half pints of milk. My housemate was sitting on the sofa, she was a little prim but ok. I turned the milk container over her crotch and started shaking it up and down (shabs!). Guess what? The lid came off and I covered her lady crotch in milk!

Milky milky.

Nice one!

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Was it the same one you wanked into earlier?

No, that was shat into. I have never wanked into unflavoured milk.

Tell you what Theo, you’re very lucky that I’ve reached my daily limit of flagging posts as inappropriate

Blame Balonz!


Ah, right, sorry.

Was it the same one you shat into earlier?

No that was a man, in halls.

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Is this a thread for milk anecdotes, if so here’s mine.

Once went to my visit brother, asked if he had any milk for tea when i arrived ( he wasn’t in atm). He said there was, when i opened the fridge there was a four pinter that was like solid cheese. Needless to say I didn’t have a cup of tea.

But you did have a delicious cheese sandwich?

You should have shat in it

Obviously with the fresh green bread he was saving for me

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I once went to the corner shop (2 minute walk) for some milk on a particularly hot day. Got my 2 pinter and walked home. Before putting the milk in the fridge I couldn’t help but be enticed by its cool, cool feel in my hot hands. Took a mighty couple of slugs straight from the carton before realising it was totally off and pretty much cottage cheese.

Here endeth my milk anecdote.

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this comes under “things i think are classy but others don’t seem to”


mary whitehouse experience

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