What’s your salt and pepper mill game like? Got some of these classic design lads in the January sale in this blue hue:

You got one of those massive pepper ones like in a restaurant? Maybe yours are battery operated? Do let me know.


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Got a couple of Peugeot ones ain’t we.

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Mine are some fucking shite Mason & Cole boys from sainos.

Not best pleased about them, but it gives me something to complain about, and I got them during The Great Nectar Double Up of 2018. Not a fan of the Creu ones, soz Jezzer, if I was blowing some serious wazz I’d want wooden not ceramic in my humble IMO.

Bet @grievoustim has some well strong mill game

Which one’s Mason and which one’s Cole ahahaha. Aye fair play, it was only after picking up these creuset boys that I found Ikea had done some really heavy marble ones, would’ve deffo go for them had I know.

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Marble, damn, that’s classy.

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A class act, all the way Geoffrey. They look like chess pieces.

this is my pepper mill

You turn it upside down to grind it. It’s good

I don’t bother with salt mills - i like to crush my Tory Maldon sea salt with my fingers straight outta the salt box cos it feels really cheffy. At the table if it’s something you might add salt to like fish and chips I’ll whack a bit of Maldon in a little dish

Whenever I’ve had a salt grinder the grindy bit has been made of plastic (so I’d doesn’t rust I guess) and always seemed to go blunt and gummed up with old claggy salt

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Didn’t see this b4 I posted :grinning:

Bloody good action on them as well. Have to be refilled regularly on account of their size but that’s a minor gripe, it really is.

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An absolute beauty timbo and no mistake. You and Geoff top of the pile.

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I got a red one of those for pepper but keep me Maldon in a little bamboo pot. Some Mills and Boon for when we have visitors.

Hills and Mill 100km

It looks a bit dirty in the harsh glareof a phone camera

I have something similar to these.


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Knew you wouldn’t let us down, a mini salt dish, that’s it right there

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Here’s my bamboo pot for reference (magnetic)