Milo Yiannopuolos

£200000 for dull try hard bullshit you can get anywhere on the internet for free. Guess that’s where we’re at now.

Fuck 2016.

One of those people we should just completely ignore.





I thought he was american and putting on a bad english accent for some reason, until I found out he was actually from down the road from me, near Canterbury (and is the same age). When he was on tv being a slimy little scrote who looked like he’d been summoned to the headteacher’s office, one of my friends was really suprised to see him, because she remembered him being a weird arsehole you’d see in the pub who’d screamed in her friend’s face.




Look away for the already bilious:

Double grossness^tfw


Just glad it’s not the publisher I work for!

cant find it now but i remember someone on twitter saying that they knew Milo a few years back, just before he started getting more attention. that he asked him to debate something with an expert (something like that) and recorded it. Despite the fact that Milo was spouting absolute lies and hate, he decided that he’d rather destroy the video and not show it: that Milo was so persuasive (despite being completely wrong, this was factual stuff he was debating) that he was actually dangerous if he was given an audience.
anyway i’m not really describing it very well but i found the series of tweets quite chilling.

to address a post above, i think it’s far too late to ignore these people, sadly. it’s incumbent on the media to stop giving them a platform (this is extremely, gravely important), but they have an audience now regardless, and well-intentioned as it may be, i’m not sure ignoring them in a more general sense is the solution to anything. they need to be challenged, lampooned and fought as much as possible


Fucking state of the BTL comments:

These aren’t a minority either. Bare people secretly agree with him and his alt-right outlook.

Been all downhill for him since he stood down as prime minister


“Milo is the king of the dweebs, but it’s hard to see why. He is, in the end, a deeply boring man.”

Yes I actually think he’s clearly quite clever but opts for a reductionist position on political issues in order to boost his own profile.

He might appear persuasive occasionally but from what I’ve seen seems to be because whenever he’s called up to debate issues it tends to be people who, like himself, largely base their points around rhetoric.

I saw the other week Vice are ditching comments on their articles. I’m not surprised, plus the tidal wave of shithouse replies they got to their tweet announcing the news probably just convinced them further it was the right decision.

Oh shit I didn’t know they got rid. Well basically loads of Yianopolos fanboys flooded the comments with horrific shit. Good call by Vice - BTL is a bullshit echo chamber everywhere these days.

Milo and James Delingpole are just the worst kind of cunts.




Christ on a stick.

They should tell his fanbase that Lena Dunham got over a million dollars for her book. That might provoke some of them into exploding with rage at least.