Milton Keynes



Milton Keynes is 900 today!
What’re your favourite memories of everybody’s favourite concrete cow?


Never been. Never will.



Love going on a conference or whatever and doing 36 roundabouts in about five minutes (never actually seen the town centre but I bet the place isn’t as bad as people make out).


i’ve always assumed that everybody who lives in milton keynes was was originally just visiting and then got lost trying to find their way out and ended up staying there.


Are there any other towns/cities with names that are made up from the surnames of two Authors/academics (please don’t answer)


Before SatNav there is no chance I would have got to any of these places (although I think it is usually straight over 18 times).


Remember when they stole a football team


The sharp minded amongst you may remember this is actually not my first thread about Milton Keynes, and by christ it shan’t be the last.


Milton Keynes isn’t


Might go to a Netrunner tournament there on Fenino day. It’s either there or Chatteris, so frankly I’m spoiled for choice.



Do you have one about MK so we can compare them and decide which one is best?


does it need to be a hmhb song? or just any song about milton keynes?


hmhb preferred, but if you can’t manage that then we’ll have to make do.


he’s terrible on Mock The Week


I thought that these two pieces were decent, critical looks at the place:


Should I go there right now?[poll public=true]

  • yes
  • no


can’t find a hmhb song that references milton keynes, so i’ll have to humbly offer this instead:


Chatteris wins!


Fond memories of MK - first time I kissed my ex was in the very romantic location of Milton Keynes Central Travelodge. I’d had 12 pints and we’d ended up staying in the same room by accident (genuinely) having just had an argument about whether the Countdown forum was sexist or not. We had a hug that went on for longer than I was expecting, so I went in for the snog and was surprised he was into it because I thought he was asexual (which I told him immediately afterwards, because I’m tactful like that). Turned out we’d started fancying each other while hanging out at the same event a few months earlier, so once that was cleared up and I’d told him he looked like Thibaut Courtois ( :rolling_eyes: ), we ended up just making out for like 7 hours with no sleep. Halcyon days!

Also had my best oral off him in MK last August, this time in an AirBnB, although we tried to then sleep in the same single bed, which was way too hot/cramped. Could’ve gone back to my own single bed but didn’t want to miss out on any morning glory so slept on the floor using his jeans as a pillow. It was worth it :eggplant: