Milton Keynes



I have been so many times over the last year.

I do not like it.


“I had the best oral sex of my life in Milton Keynes” is definitely a Half Man Half Biscuit song


fun yes fact for you: rick wakeman lives near my parents. he always used to get asked to be the celebrity guest at events at the primary school. half the time he didn’t turn up and the rest of the time he took his mum along with him.


Got stuck in MK Coachway for 4 hours on Thursday night waiting for a replacement coach. Never again. Horrible place.


I think that’s the best Yes fact I’ve ever heard, thank you. Even better than the curry thing.


It’s the perfect place to put the hire car that work are paying for through it’s paces



truly fucking harrowing.


There’s also this catchy little number about MK, written by Ronnie Bond who passed away in 1992.


You’re the best.


This is brilliant


Have been to the bowl and the town centre a few times. Snow dome is alright as well.


Its the ideal song to listen to when you’re hungover. Trust me.


Once home to what was thought to be the oldest football stand in the world until the ground where Wolverton and MK City once played was bulldozed for new housing.

Now a residents park which most people passing next to Wolverton train station will be able to see the ‘replacement’ band stand


i saw him not last week, but the week before!


what, gigging? or just out and about?


wait, NOT last week?


this is how i write, if only you could glimpse how i read!


outside bbc, he turned up on the radio at the weekend on Clive Anderson’s Loose Ends I think, so either they prerecord that show and he was doing that or he was doing something else.


on his website, there’s a year-by-year account of what he’s been up to. the entry for the year 2000 includes this priceless anecdote:

Rick’s third wife decides she wishes to be Rick’s third ex-wife and subsequently Rick leaves the marital home with two suitcases. (This is somewhat of an improvement on the previous one where he left with one suitcase)!


I was there on Friday.

I remember it like it was yesterday.