Mince pie chat

Best part about this time of the year, obviously. Please chat about your mince pie experiences.

Just had one of them overly indulgent Waitrose all butter bad boys and although there was unfortunately a large air gap between filling and pastry, it was very enjoyable, a 7/10 mince pie right there. Found out the hard way last night that Morrisons mini mince pies require a certain technique to remove them from the box and to hold them, otherwise the lid will come off. Straight in at the bottom of the pile for The Seasons Mince Pie Power Rankings, which is a shame because I bloody love Morrisons.

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Need to get some of them palm oil free lads from Iceland.

I was pleasantly surprised by these, I think I have a perception of Iceland that is unwarranted as they sell those big freezer sausage rolls which are also excellent, and prawn rings

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Think I’ve had four so far this season, two of them today.

None of them have been iced, which - while they might be considered to be non-traditional by some - are easily my favourite kind.

And Dame Kerry Katona.

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Like these?


The very thought fills me with rage but you know what, I’m an open minded guy, so I’ll try them before I inevitably hate them. Please advise on where the best iced mince pie can be found.


One of my former colleagues used to write an annual ‘best mince pie’ feature for a local food mag. This involved a highly unscientific, office-wide, multi-mince pie taste test. Best day of the year.

While there’s disappointing mince pies, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a bad one. Love 'em.

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Dunno. Supermarket?

I’ve had two so far, from Flower Power City.

Rating: 8.1

Ok, thanks.


That sounds like a really great day and I’m sorry you don’t get to do that any more.

Had the best I’ve ever had, baked by lady at work last Thursday. Then had the best carrot cake from M’s bakery in bmouth yesterday. Been quite the week!

(BNM) (best new mince pie)

This reminds me, this is a space for people to share their recipes too, so please advice your lady at work to do so.

My gf makes mince pies each year and they’re, erm, shit. I think it’s the pastry.

Obviously I eat them anyway because I’m a wonderful life partner, but I don’t enjoy it.


Maybe ask her to ice them for some weird reason?

I have. She said no.


I’m sad for you but happy for me.

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I’m just sad in general.


Probably all the card games.


I absolutely hate raisins and currants and sultanas and all those types of scumbag dried fruits however I like a mince pie. Only one per year though so the fact they come in boxes of six is problematic for me.

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