Mince pie chat

Don’t have an issue about a single company making them, just that people (my Mum) think that the best mince pies are only available from m&s.

Sorry to get into this, not meant to be a proper debate

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You can’t fight in here, this is the mince pie thread!


She has a point.

These are the only nice mince pies that exist

That should’ve been a reply to @SuoTempore

Those look… really good.

My Mum reads the Daily Mail every day though so now I don’t know what to think.

I’ve never particularly liked mince pies but they are amazing.

I find it very frustrating you can get mince pies 2 months before Xmas but not the brandy butter or other delicious condiments.


Here they are. Mainly made by R, bit of assistance from me.


Excellent work (and thank you x)


I find it very frustrating that you can’t get them on like the 28th December.

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R’s done a great job there. Rare you see homebaked pies with so little leakage.

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I put some of these in this week’s shopping:

I’ll give an update on what they’re like later this week (or maybe I’ll wait until December)



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I’m slightly sceptical because raisin wheats are the worst ones, but maybe the extra spices and whatever will lift them? Not that I can get to Sainsburys anyway, but…

Yeah - Apricot good, blueberry good, raisin no ta.

But if I don’t try them I’ll never know

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Trying to go for quality over quantity this year. So far have tried the posh ones at Waitrose, Sains and co-op. Waitrose miles ahead, then Sains then co-op which aren’t good at all

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All three very heavy on booze

I think this might just be the most important thread of 2020.


Saw Sainsbury’s are doing a puff pastry one in their bakery section this year. Might make those my first of the year next time I go shopping.

First one of the year. Barely even registered if it was any cop - inhaled the fecker - but it’s a standard Morrisons own brand. 12 for £1.50 for the PPMP lads. Yes mates