Mince pie tally 2021

Saturday 27th November. 2 mince pies

Total mince pies consumed 2021: 2

I’ve had 2 6 packs, a 4 pack and a single. Must have had my first in October, can’t help myself.

27/11: 17 can’t add


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So far next year I’ve consumed no mince pies

Christ. State of me. Hangover.

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Don’t know why I didn’t jump in until today. Missed out on weeks of quality snacking

4 days to go, lads. 4 days till I utterly ruin myself for a month. A delicious, ruinous month.


Can confirm I was an October starter

@urbanfox going for it in September though, what a guy. He sure knows how to snack.

How many of this (Bo’s taste the difference) 6 pack are going to make it to tomorrow?

Might dip back for number 3 in a sec


Reckon a 6 pack is a classic weekend jobby


weds 24th nov

one (1) mince pie

would be surprised if i eat a second this year tbh

Had one on Thursday (25th) was delicious and hopefully the start of a fabulous mince pie journey to Christmas


3 six packs have been bought for the home and consumed primarily by me. Will be hopefully averaging a six pack a week.



Saturday 27th November. 3 mince pies

Total mince pies consumed 2021: 3


So far I have had 2x puff pastry mine pies, approx. 2 weeks ago. Today we had the shopping delivered which included 9x TTD mini mince pies, some of which I will be eating later.

I will assign the mini mince pie a value of 0.6 mince pies, please bear this in mind when publishing tallies


January: probably 3-4 mps as I remember getting a pack for free at the tills in coop on New Year’s Day.

Friday 26th November: 2x bo’s ttd mps with 2 big scoops of mackies honeycomb ice cream

Total mps consumed 2021: 5-6

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Mince pies are rubbish.

Not had any since. That box was a quality control measure.

Reckon it’s time to start consuming them properly now though.

This was my view until a couple of years ago. Turns out I’d not found the right mince pie. Not sure I’ve actually eaten any other than the M+S Collection ones tbh.

Edit: Oh, and the salted caramel ones that Aldi do.