Mince pie tally 2021

i’ve had 1 box so far, tezza’s plant kitchen
they’re pretty good, and also aren’t like an entire days worth of sugar in two bites

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I think I’ve had one so far. Have a pack of mini ones in the house too, thus far unopened

Sunday 28th November. 2 mince pies

Total mince pies consumed 2021: 5

I made my first set of mince pies on Sat. Cheating somewhere, as it was a pre-made mincemeat mix plus a ready-made shortcrust pastry. Decent though.

pre-emptively 0 for at least two more weeks

Have to pop to Marks’s in a bit. Will stock up on a couple of boxes.

I’m going to have number 6 as a post lunch treat

I’ve eaten four so far, and they were lovely. So my tally is - 4

Got a box. Just opened them, so that takes my tally to 4 so far.

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Midnight cannot come quickly enough…


My old colleague who I shared my workshop with and I used to do a December-long mince pie test, keeping scores for the shops/bakers on a white board.

He left a couple of months ago, and now I share with a man I’ve christened ‘Bernard Ian-man’ who is the antithesis of all that is good and interesting. Needless to say, he hates mince pies.

Thus so far I have consumed only 4 Waitrose Heston (night before Xmas?) Mince pies, whereas I would traditionally have consumed 1000 by now.

Sad, sad times.

Anybody interested in a mince pie ratings thread?


These are v. good. FYI.

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Aldi you say…

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Perpetually sold out in my local Morrison’s. Same deal last year, never managed to get a box. Willing to bet it’s the same damn gannets who constantly ransack the granola bars. Need to work out the delivery day…

I’ve not been for a rummage in Aldi yet this year but they’ve done them the last 2 years at least.

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Currently on: Zero (0) mince pies. Might need to take action.

Had my first mince pie of the year for breakfast this morning and shared half of another for breakfast-pudding.
With cream ofc.



Brandy butter or nothing

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I choose nothing.

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  • Brandy butter or nothing!
  • Cream
  • Custard
  • Ice-cream
  • Brandy butter
  • Whisky butter
  • Nothing

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