Mind blowing discovery of the day

I know professional sports try to spot and develop talent early and football prodigies go to academies and youth teams and stuff, but I found out today that there are websites devoted to scouting basketball stars as young as seven years old. It almost reads as parody, except it seems to be deadly serious:


Look at this kid!


As a point guard, Miller has broad court vision and ability to control the game’s pace. He’s must reduce his turnovers by avoiding unnecessary fouls. Sometimes he reaches with his hand instead of sliding and sprinting to turn the ball handler from the driving lane.


OMG just discovered some of the comments too.

Someone in work think’s that they’re going to get a webform that talks to another system (magically) and that asking for it on a Monday means that they can get it by thursday loooool.

What does this have to do with basketball kids.

absolutely nothing mate

Someone should ask them if they wish they were a little bit taller.


You know, I should have titled this differently. That’s on me.

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Maybe I was taking a little license but I thought that it was open for chat. To be fair though, that someone in work expects this is no surprise, they’ve been doing this for years, it’s that they still don’t think of asking us for stuff in advance.

My old boss called it a ‘can’t-you-just’ - can’t you just add this complicated thing to this website that wasn’t designed for it, can’t you just move this there and make it do that, can’t you just make this shitty site amazing before COP today and make me look great in the process mate cheers.

Either unwittingly complex requests (‘let’s just move that bit of the home page there…’) or unrealistic timescales, or both.

Usually comes from people who don’t understand development etc, or the limitations thereof, and think anything to do with computers is magic, therefore people who ‘do computers’ are wizards who can always do anything you ask them for.

Glad I don’t work there anymore! Urge to kill rising.

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Isn’t being freakishly tall the most important thing in basketball? How can they know how tall a 7 year old will be when he grows up?

Not necessarily.

Average height for a draft point guard is about 6ft, which is probably only an inch or so taller than average height for a white or black american male.