Mindhunter Season 2 (careful with #spoilers pls)

you in? I know my man @anon29812515 will be down.

It’s on netflix now apparently.

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Not seen Mindhunter 1

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Watching now- on episode 3

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Oh cool I’ll watch this once I’ve got my eclairs

it’s decent/10

how good/10 so far?

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Re-watched S1 a few weeks back in preparation. Was even better the second time.
Going to watch S2 ep1 now :arrow_forward::arrow_forward:

i rewatched it a second time but skipped all the rubbish bits

What’s the decent bits to rubbish bits ratio?


Hmm probably won’t watch it then

(Gonna leave the thread now)

take care

That’s unfair. I reckon more 70:30


split the difference


count me in


Oh god just realised there’s nine episodes rip bedtime

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Ooh didn’t realise there was a new thread. Glad it’s back. It’s been a while

Mindhunter 2 seems a lot like mindhunter 1 so far

How do you feel about that?

maybe you can help?