Mindhunter Season 2 (careful with #spoilers pls)

don’t think there’s any basis for that at all, it’s pure conspiracy theory. why wouldn’t he have thrown them under the bus to save himself?

i don’t know if he was part of a ring or anything, so unless they threatened his folks to keep him quiet i can’t answer why he wouldn’t dob them in. pure speculation on my part. i think there may have been some other bunch of weirdos hurting kids around the same time, linked to this “stadium house” people keep mentioning, and for the sake of the local economy, the mayor made the cops pin it all on him to get a quick result rather than dig any deeper and do real police work.

remember, he’s only actually been convicted of the adults, the child murders remain officially unsolved.

well i think that the cop knew that internal affairs were setting him up


one of the first kids who was murdered, his brother (the vietnam vet) said that he found out his brother had called the police the night of his death and said a “group of bad guys” had trapped him in the house (this stadium house), and he’d escaped but they were chasing him. the older brother asked the police about it after the funeral and they denied having a record of the call, then quietly admitted they had a few years later, but they’d never pursued this as a viable lead especially when the feds profile said they were looking for a lone predator.

been a while since i deep dived on this so i’m forgetting details, sorry.

Had a dream last night that Bill Tench was firing into me but I said no, I couldn’t let you do that to Nancy.


Love the show


Very good.



That’s fine mate but… did he do it or not!!!

I guess he did a third of them.


Decent estimate


fucks sake.


I miss Wendy Carr :frowning:


This is the opposite of what I wanted to read when I opened this thread


I enjoy this show, even if I keep forgetting what Holden looks like when he’s not on screen.

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Like this

Could just dig out a Fringe boxset and watch all of that in the meantime?

Finally got round to watching this and blasted through it, usually not much of a binger but good god. Brilliant television.


s2 was mad underrated


Did it not go down well?