Okay, its name is totally shit, fair play.

And episode 1 has some insanely bad dialogue BUT AFTER THAT:

It’s amazing. It is. Edmund Kemper in particular is a terrifyingly powerful character. It’s Fincher producing and therefore feels Fincher as hell obv. I mega recommend. Pls watch.


My ATDs were talking about this when I saw them yesterday. They said it was good too.


Was ready to bin it after the incredibly awkward first 30 minutes but it does get so much better. The prisoner interviews are riveting.


It’s as much a good thing for learning about the era and the way thinking changed on ‘sequential killings’. It feels weird to think that there was a time when the feds basically didn’t believe people were anything other than ‘just evil’, and were against the idea of studying killers because they associated it with being sympathetic to them etc.

The pilot ep, while stylised wonderfully, feels pretty dull at times because it’s setting up the very basics. I wish they’d thought harder about that (glad to see it wasn’t just me but @eltham too). However, the other 9 are great.


Just going to confuse it with this:


Think Holden takes A LOT of getting used to as a character. He’s a very strange protagonist. Really grateful for Tench being there with him.


Agreed. It’s kind of testament to how odd holden is that tench needs to ham up the ‘hard/sceptical cop’ angle so much and still doesn’t feel wrong in doing so


Halfway through the series at the moment. Am enjoying it, but growing increasingly weary of the rigid plotline of each episode, and the series story arc appears to so far only be given 1 minute at the start of each episode.

Will stick with it, but True Detective it ain’t (so far)




i think you have to see the ‘arc’ as being an underlying backdrop to the whole thing. as in, while they’re dawdling around trying to get to grips with what they’re looking at, one of the most infamous killers of the time was plying his trade merrily. i kind of took it as a constant reminder that they’ve been a step behind so long without realising it


it’s no


I’ve watched it all now and liked it

the season seemed to end quite abruptly - I was expecting them to get involved with the case of that guy they kept showing getting ready to be a serial killer, guess they are saving that for season 2


Some parts of it seems like a not very good, pretty bog standard show, except it’s being made by really talented people. Then some parts of it are really good. probs just the interviews.
I’m still not convinced by the weekly procedural murder thing going on. I don’t find that, whole going to a small town and investigating a murder part of the show very interesting. There was an episode where they didn’t do that and it was a better show.
I’m not sure how they would be able to show they’re developing ideas about profiling these killers without showing examples with these smaller cases. Maybe they can drop that in the next series and investigate one person using the stuff they’re supposed to be learning. ygm?


yeah i felt similar at first. i half wonder if they shot the whole thing, then went ‘we need something to allude to season 2 without it feeling cheesy’, shot the extra bits and then added them to bookend some of the eps


fully assume that’s what season 2 will be


yay :heart_eyes: :relaxed:


Quite a lot of impromptu cunnilingus going on.

I’m not overly convinced by it, tbh. The imprisoned serial killer’s a good part. He’s pretty much saving it for me.

Beyond that, a bit intrigued where it’s going because three episodes in i’m still not entirely sure what the main story arc is.


It kicks in about now, kind of - you’ll start to see glimpses of things gearing up. Also a bit more meat from more than Kemper with new decent interviewees appearing


started a bit iffy, then got really good up to about episode 5, then tailed off badly in the last few episodes. thought the ending was a bit rubs.