Mini Break for under £100pp, is it possible?

One of my ATD’s is turning 30 next week and me and another ATD and @Avery want to plan a fun weekend trip for her (probably just one night away - in August). I only work part time so we’ve not got a big budget.
Does anyone have any ideas what we could do for under £100 per person?

This is probably the worst time to post this as everyone’s off to the pub for the evening but oh well. If I have to bump it tomorrow, trust me, I will!

Thanks in advance, chums x

PS. It’ll probably be just three of us on the mini-break. Which is a bit annoying, hotel room-wise… but I wouldn’t mind kipping in a sleeping bag on the floor.

go camping?

I’d love to go on a weekend away somewhere where a friend just drove a bit then we went for a long walk and camped somewhere by a fire with some beers. Can’t imagine anything better in life. What would that cost?

About £8000


:frowning: everything is too good for me

Reckon you could get somewhere good on £30 petrol and £20 beers / sausages / disposable BBQ assuming one of you has a tent.


This is definitely on the table.
We’ve been camping together before and said we wanted to go again. Just want to make it feel a bit special. Been looking at glamping but the summer seems totally booked up already or £££.


what’s glamping?

camping dressed up as kiss or something?


We went camping in Dorking a few years ago, at a campsite with proper toilets. I think it was about £30 each :blush: absolutely attainable!

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what about a fun museum? some of those are free aren’t they? Are the big ones in London free?

Posh camping.

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Camping in huts or yurts - sometimes with cooking facilities, hot tubs, etc


what a word

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anyway I wish you luck with your plan, hopefully some other savvy disers can help you out here

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Cheers Bam!

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How about some kind of ex-butlins type place for a chalet or caravan, that way you can have a bit of privacy but be together? Somewhere by the sea? Should be quite cheap (I have no idea)

1 Like is the app is good as well, i use it to waste time as work. You may need to change the region to uk as mine defaults to germany for some reason

August is tricky because the whole month is school holidays…

but almost 2 whole days in duesseldorf for £135 pp here

disclaimer: flying for 1 night is bad and i am a dick, sorry

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This is in the field behind my work. Might be more than your budget or booked up but it’s pretty good and the people that run it are lovely

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