Mini Golf. And DiS. A meetup opportunity?


Hi all

making a different thread to the food one. But there’s a new Swingers (oo er lol etc) mini golf bar in the west end of London and I wanted to gauge initial reaction to us going?

It’d be £13 per person not including any food and drink…

  • Sounds really good fun Xylo, let’s putt! I’M BEING SARCASTIC BTW.
  • I would genuinely enjoy being a part of this mini golf situation. AHAHA NO ALSO SARCASM.
  • You have ruined this poll but I will say yes and want to come.

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Is mini golf the same as KERRAAAZEEE golf? I want to do this :sob:


How west are we talking here sports fan?


it is. and you should. if we get a far enough date in the diary is it viable?


west end so literally W1


Bloody love mini golf mate


One day I’ll make it along! But no no, don’t do any mad dates for me. Don’t you worry xylo, I will let you know when I am coming and we will golf, oh how we will golf.


I have been known to bring my own putter to a pirate themed crazy golf course in Skegness. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I am very cool.


we’ll just photoshop you in to this one. and then yes. avril lavigne costume mini golf is on when you’re down, dude




oh my god. you be the good one, i’ll be the bad one. the scenes :'D


how? there are no photos of @Witches!


:laughing: yes please.


just photoshop in today’s Drirt onto Ant




Came here to say this


In fact my family have been known in the past to chose holiday locations based on whether there’s mini golf in the resort.


and mine. It’s Important.


Let’s sort out some golf in Scotland.

Crazy, not the shit walking kind.