Mini Metro (Mobile Game)

So this a little mobile game where you build up a metro system and it gets busy. (It isnt free but only £1 on play store atm)

There is a daily game so thought it might be fun to see who gets best in it.

Feel free to chat about the different cities etc. I’m fairly new to it so not the best yet


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I once came top of the world on the daily challenge. Genuinely one of my proudest achievements in life


Love this game…until i get stressed and it falls apart.

It’s on switch etc too


As I said yesterday, I played it alot when it was free in the browser. Just used some Play Store credit to download it on android, so will see how it goes.

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13/12/22 Chonqing - 1312 passengers/65 days. Dont like it when dont get offered an interchange at some point.

If theres a way to screenshot your map before dying that might be fun to share going forward
(Guess could screenshot and end of each week)

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Wow, youre my hero (that sounds really sarcastic but i mean it)

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I took the fun out of the game for myself by getting too competitive. Maximizing your score involves some dark arts.

Nothing will pull me back into Mini Metro. I’m not going back to that life.

(Expect every time a new map appears, to keep my Steam achievements at 100%.)

Not even the daily respect of an online music community?


Is the daily game on the switch?

Oh i dont know. :thinking:

i have some questions now i’ve played my first game in a very long time

  • at one point, it gave me a new line, a new locomotive, and a new carriage. are these all one thing, and i have to chose which? like, i drew a new line but no trains appeared on it, and it was quite some time before i realised i’d not had any services on it. also, i couldn’t figure out how to get rid of a double carriage.
  • what it is significance of the days?
  • is there strategies for linking up stations? like, one of my lines was five circles in a row, and there was no way to stop that from being the case. i assume the stations popping up are random, right?

more questions to come, i reckon.

so far the first game felt a lot like the old game i used play, but the controls were a bit fiddly and the screen was getting small. maybe i should’ve bought it for switch, but it’s less conspicious sitting on the dunny playing this haha

Every week you’ll always get a new locomotive, and your choice of one of two further upgrades. Precisely what you might get varies from map to map.

I’ve made this mistake many times too. A locomotive will automatically appear on any new line you create, as long as there is one available. If there’s not one available, it still lets you create the line, but empty, and there’s no warning you’re doing this.

It’s a bit fiddly - especially if you’re playing on the phone. You’ve got to specifically select the carriage (rather than the locomotive) and drag it to a different train.

Just to let you know how far through the week you are. No difference in passenger appearance day by day.

Yeah, this is the core of it. Avoiding having too many of the same shape consecutively is particularly important. If you’re faced with a choice between having short gaps between stations of the same type, and long gaps between stations of different types, the latter is almost always better.

Not entirely. Certain station types are pre-programmed to appear in certain ways on certain maps (lots of circles in the north in Hong Kong, if I remember correctly; the special symbols appear on the islands in St. Petersburg, and so on). The exact locations change, but there are patterns to learn.

So, this is my not understanding the UI - i thought it was saying “here’s a new loco, and a new line and carriage” not the second part being a choice. oops.

right, so if i pick a new line and a new train, i won’t need to do anything anything if i draw the new line immediately. get it.

right, yeah that’s not easy when they’re moving.

okay, long gaps it is.

thanks for the help, i think i’m already addicted. doing the daily now, but by god there’s a lot of cities to unlock

on android i found a way to take a photo - on the gameover screen there is a camera icon the top right i pressed.

i got 929 passengers but don’t know how many days


Not sure what an interchange did but it didn’t help.

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ha, now looking back at this screenshot of my map, i didn’t even see the square one right in the middle that isn’t connected, so that’s why i died. haha. funny.

just noticed something - if you have lines going over each other, they slow down?

Interchanges make the station ‘bigger’ so more people can be waiting. And apparently makes transfers quicker but not sure how that works exactly

Interesting. Is quite annoying when 3 of the same pop up in one corner of the map

Right, you lot have got me playing this again for the first time in ages, and doing the Daily Challenge for the first time ever.

2115 passengers / 80 days

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