Mini pork pies

Shit aren’t they?

The pastry-to-meat ratio is far, far too high.

Just needed to get that off my chest and glad we’re all agreed.


tell me pies, tell me mini pork pies
tell me tell me pies


You’re buying the wrong mini pork pies, clearly.

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completely disagree, i find the mini ones much better than the big ones


Very sensible post.


Between cocktail sausages, mini sausage rolls, scotch eggs and mimi pork pies I can say with confidence that there is no reason on earth you should buy mini porkpies over the other 3

just like gravy, all pies are shit

There is no reason to buy any of the others over cocktail sausages tbh.

Don’t even look like Minis.

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There is always going to be too much pastry for the amount of meat present. That is simply a scientific fact.

By the time you achieve the correct meat/pastry balance, it will be too large to be considered a mini pork pie.

Take that ice cream back Mr

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You know what’s wrong? Aspic

Urgh! Makes my skin crawl.

Pork pies are the worst pies in my book.

I sometimes buy a six pack as a little treat for work, saying I will have one each day with lunch in the week. Then scoff the lot in an afternoon.


I give mini pork pies five seconds in the microwave just to take the fridge cold edge off them, they go a bit squidgy, it’s very good

Are we talking Melton Mowbray style or the lower, flatter ones? If it’s MM then you’re as wrong as wrong can be.

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Sounds a bit risky to me. Careful you don’t poison yourself.

Some cunts don’t like the jelly in pork pies.

Much like cunts who don’t eat chicken wings properly it makes me want to start eating meat again, I’m a vegetarian BTW, just to show these utter, utter ghouls how it’s done


A mini pork pie is a mini pork pie. All shite.

Wouldn’t know

TBF if ur used to eating crap wings then you’re in for a rough time. Wings can only be eaten ‘properly’ if they’re cooked properly