Mini pork pies

So many people just nibble a bit of wing and leave the rest. Eat all of it. Eat the cartilage. Eat it

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I love a good wing where you pop it in your mouth an everything slides off

large chicken stew

The ones with Branston on top are a top 10 savoury snack

Other than not being able to fit an egg in, they’re great

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God I love cocktail sausages

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Gala>pork, obviously.


Lukewarm mashed pig is no risk

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completely agree. needs to be this size at least

with a satisfyingly crumbly pastry and jelly that is ever so slightly liquidy.

i am the king of pork pies.

honestly, pork pie probably is what i missed the most when i lived abroad. fish and chips and samosas are the only two other things.

might get a tattoo of a £1 samosa


Crinkly plastic / grease interface

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