Miniclip Pool

Hello! Seeing as how I’m off work for a bit and you’re all dossing around at home as well, I’ve set up a private club on miniclip pool. Get the app, set up a profile (if you don’t already have one), post your unique ID in here and I’ll invite you to join, or I think you can search for ‘DiS Cuel Kids Club’.

I’m wildhearts

What’s your avatar? Theres 3 results!

black sleeveless t shirt, black shades, brown hair

Can’t play right now though…got some actual work to do

Nor can I really but I’ve invited you anyway.

I think I’m hipengineer547 or something…


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Didn’t come up when I searched it…

Hmm, I’ll have a look.

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Thanks for the invite. I’m not allowed to join the party until I’m level 6. I’m working on it!

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Didn’t realise that!

I’m on it right now

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Accept my challenge you coward!

I don’t see your challenge

Go into the 'club’s menu.

Are you in the Moscow Winter Club?

No idea, keep sending you challenges!

I got one, but was in the middle of a game. Try again please

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Think that’s what keeps happening!

Only on level 2 as well…