Minions are back


Has anything less entertaining been so popular. Blimey

What crap merch have you seen? Primark have a shirt with a Minion next to a NWA(!) Parody that says Straight Outta Bed.





Yes! Perfect lazy Sunday evening viewing :slight_smile:


ban request!



my bff is really into them but I prefer not to

actually that photo of them with the teeth is making me feel uneasy and kind of repulsed



They’re not even the slightest fucking bit cute, one of my friends is right into them and made me watch the first film they’re in and coming from someone who probably watches more cartoons than is healthy, I can tell you it was pure shite



they’re alright


i mean i guess technically i’ve posted a minion meme on social media but it was to take the piss out brusma so idk if that counts


I guess that means it’s time for this picture again


I first saw them on some advertisements in a supermarket in france, they were carrying a union jack so I conclude that they were some sort of caricature of british people in france.


I wonder if I can go the rest of my life without ever seeing them outside of this site and merchandise.

Probably, I’m pretty old.


You should watch the first Despicable Me film. It’s really good.


Then how will I remain superior and aloof?

(I’ve heard this from others, so maybe I will).


I non-ironically love that film. And enjoyed the subsequent ones even if they never quite hit those dizzying heights of yellow cuteness.


I like the second almost as much as the first. The spin off was a bit of a disappointment. I hope the third ‘proper’ one will be a return to form, though it’s hope over expectation.

The first, though, absolute classic.